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We make glass tile & stained glass in Brooklyn, NY & Phoenix AZ

Decide on your arrangement.  Wall Hanging Sectionals are handmade, and there are slight variations in each piece.  It may be necessary to rotate pieces or swap pieces around to make them line up better.  Also, it might help to label the pieces with some masking tape, and/or take a quick photo... we do this in the studio all the time, because you'd be amazed how easy it is to forget that perfect arrangement once you pick up the first piece to hang!


Put a blanket or towel on the ground bunched up against the wall. It will lessen the change of the glass breaking if dropped.  Just do it. 

Be careful not to rub the soldered edges against the wall, it may leave a mark (can usually be removed with a pencil eraser).

Hang one piece at a time, and, starting from the center of your design, tap in one nail at a time.  If the head of the nail is bigger than the loop, it might be helpful to tap the nail just a bit, take it out, and hang the glass on it from the loop while you tap it in CAREFULLY.  TAKE YOUR TIME and be gentle.  Once one side is finished, you can swing the piece up in place to tap in the nail on the other side.

Depending on your chosen arrangement, you may want to hang multiple loops on one nail.  Be sure to use a long enough nail for this (at least 1"), and start your design by tapping in this one first - you'll need to tap it in enough to hold the weight of all pieces involved, then move on to the secondary nails on each piece before hammering the central nail in the rest of the way (once the pieces aren't hanging in the same direction, they'll take up less space on the nail).  Please put down something soft on the ground before starting this process!

 Once you're finished, you should really send us a photo, we love that!  studio [at]

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