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The Blake Hotel project was a large job that spanned nearly 6 months. I was sent a few concept sketches by Abi Hancock of Alexander Waterworth Interiors (London), which I translated into lines and shapes that could be produced in this scale, and we worked together on the final designs (you can see a bit of the original concept in the last image). I’d also note it’s pretty unusual to use copper foil on this scale, but I was able to do quite a bit on the technical side of things to make sure these panels were strong enough. This project was a real challenge with our industry’s ongoing OGT/Spectrum glass shortages - since I needed rather large lengths of glass, I was ordering from my main + 2 backup distributors, each of which cuts EACH TEXTURE to different sizes, requires different size orders and charges different rates - not to mention each area of the project had completely different dimensions. I have to give a special shoutout to my main salesperson Laurie at Ed Hoys who fielded a ridiculous number of emails from me in January as I was finishing up the last sections.

The Blake has three different areas of glass: the bar area, which was comprised of 25 small panels inserted into a beautiful framework by Soraghan Woodworking (they also made that lovely bar), two large screens that separate some of the tables made up of 6 very large panels, and a series of 9 medium-sized panels that are mounted against the wall surrounding the kitchen. Hover over the images for description & credits.


The Falcon restaurant project was one of those extremely smooth projects where the designer, Jo Eastham, knew exactly what she wanted and, frankly, everything went super smoothly. The real joy in this project for me, was seeing how extremely well this somewhat odd colorway of which included Plum, Olive, both Bronzes and Straw works in the context of the restaurant. I keep describing this space as ‘cozy’ but honestly it makes me want to settle in with a scotch after a long hike in the English countryside. Photos by John Carey


Bespoke was contacted by the owner of the Zinque restaurants in the Los Angeles area in 2017 to design a partition wall to separate the bar from the restaurant area of a new project in Santa Monica.  The inspiration was the hugely influential Judson Studios stained glass at the ACE Hotel LA, and he wanted something bold but transparent.  This design, now called OBLIQUE, was something I had halfway worked out in a folder of unfinished ideas, and was the first idea I proposed.  We went over all sorts of variations on the pattern, and settled on the design and colorway in the first image below. I'm often asked to work on large projects, and this is the best way to work around the size limitations inherent in copper-foiled stained glass - to make panels and have the framework built on-site.  This entire project is about 3' tall and 12.5' long, so dividing it into panels made it far more cost effective, stronger, and much, much safer to ship.  This entire collaboration was such a smooth, fun, and interesting project, and I was so lucky to receive such beautiful photos.  Fun fact: each panel contained 55 individual cut pieces of glass, making the grand total for the project 1100 - a record to date.


Bespoke was asked to do a series of different Elements for the window of Sessùn in Paris, and then a similar set for their location in Marseilles.  This was a super exciting project for many reasons, not the least of which is a crazy obsession with their clothes.  These photos are from the Paris storefront and you can read more about the project on Sessùn's journal, as well as a lovely writeup here.


This combination of different Honeycomb Elements was originally hung in the window of the flagship opening of the Herald Square/NYC store for the store opening.


I looooved making this window, a modification of Bespoke's STRIA pattern.  Since the original window this would be hanging in front of was quite big, I scaled the design down in the same proportions so it could be centered & still have a pretty dramatic effect.  The final piece was framed in-house in solid oak, with brass side-hangers affixed.  Hover over photos for notes.


After spending a few months in Phoenix, I decided it would be a good idea approach a store about carrying some lines of Bespoke Glass.  As Bespoke is (as implied by the name) mostly focused on custom made &/or customizable work, retail isn't really our focus.... so I really just wanted to work with one store with the potential for lots of collaboration and changing collections.  I approached my first choice, the new home & clothing boutique in Uptown PHX, Vida Moulin.  Chantell, Vida's owner, took the idea a step further, creating Moulin Makers - a group of local artisans that together produce an exclusive collection of candles, ceramics, weavings & jewelry (and, obviously, stained glass).  Lots of photos of the first collection on Instagram!  Since approaching Vida Moulin, my longtime friend Judith Milne has opened the lovely shop First Trade Days in Glasgow (on her time off from working on the amazing show Outlander!  You'll not find a better manager-of-lots-of-things.), and I was super excited when she asked to carry Bespoke Glass.  


I wrote in more detail about this project here.


Before I was splitting time between Brooklyn and Phoenix, my much-beloved studio was in The Bakery - a studio space in a converted Kosher bakery in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn (I now share a studio with two of my good friends in Bushwick).  I did this little tile installation as a gift to the space, and also because I really wanted to, and it's the sort of place where you could do things like that.  Favorite part obviously is the weird cutout spot where the floor becomes uneven in the lower left corner.


This double-layer pattern was one of the largest windows I've ever made, and I was super grateful for help from my friends Asa & Jason in helping me build the frame (a method I still use!) and Karl who helped me come up with a heavy-duty shipping strategy for these big & heavy pieces.


This piece was basically an extra-large version of the HEX Wall Piece, created specifically for an area over a kitchen sink.  Again, I was so excited to receive a photo of the installed piece!  This one was really large - over 2 feet across.

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