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HEX Wall Piece

- figure out how you'd like to orient it 

- it should only take 2-3 nails to hang it.  

- mark them & hammer in nail one at a time

- hammer the nail straight into the wall (so that it's not angled) and make sure it's a little over an inch sticking out

OW hook.png

Decide on your arrangement.  Openwork Sectionals are handmade, and there are slight variations in each piece.  It may be necessary to rotate pieces to make them line up better.  Also, it might help to label the pieces with some masking tape, and take a quick photo... we do this in the studio all the time, because you'd be amazed how easy it is to forget that perfect arrangement once you pick up the first piece to hang!


Decide, also, where to put the hooks.  Each Sectional (regardless of size) will require 2-3 hooks, which should go in the corners of the glass, like this. If you're layering pieces over each other, make sure the hooks don't fall underneath the second layer. 

Put a blanket or towel on the ground. It will lessen the change of the glass breaking if dropped.  Just do it. 

Be careful not to rub the soldered edges against the wall, it may leave a mark (can usually be removed with a pencil eraser).

Hang one piece at a time, and put each hook in place individually - meaning mark where the hook goes, put the glass down, screw in the hook, hold the glass in place, mark where the next hook goes.  Don't mark all the hooks at once.  This may seem tedious, but it will give you the best results. 

To mark the hook, hold the glass in place, hold the hook straight (not at an angle) as close as possible to the soldered edge, and press hook into the wall to make a small mark. 

Set glass down, and screw in the hook. 

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