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Dec 17 2018

I’ve been terrible about keeping up with this space lately - mostly because I’ve pretty much been working on this restaurant project for the last several weeks, & it’s one of those jobs where the panels don’t make a ton of sense until they’re installed all together so I haven’t even really been photographing much. But I can say that I have some fun new work in the hopper for next year, and I might even have a tiny break just after xmas to bring you all some new work. Fingers crossed!

Oct 22 2018

Busy day so just a quick update: while there are contractor delays on the big job, I’m making a bunch of Rounds in anticipation of the holiday season, since with everything pushed back, it’s looking like there won’t be an opportunity later. If things are pushed back such that I’ll be tied up with the commercial project, I won’t have time for custom orders…. therefore, if you’re interested in custom Rounds, you can order them now here (you can choose pattern, colors, etc.). I’ve been posting photos of the ones I’m making on Instagram if you want a sneakpeek. x! l.

Oct 15 2018

I skipped the update last week - no excuse really except I’ve been taking this odd little bit of limbo while the restaurant job’s behind schedule to take a breath and work on some non-stained glass projects. Running a creative business is a tough balance sometimes, in that it can become really necessary to exercise the other muscles you have & take a little break every once in awhile once that’s even an option. But I’m getting back into the swing, working on some new ideas & contemplating the best way to take some orders that can be wrapped up quickly once I get my final specs for the big job. Anyway, I know I’ve been a bit checked out on Instagram too, and I’m trying to re-engage… bear with me?


shop: here and etsy.

Oct 1 2018

Thanks so much for the support of the new COURSO pieces and the ongoing Cacti love. As we’re finally getting some slightly cooler weather in AZ, it’s been a week of cleaning out the studio - basically spring cleaning before things get busy. I have a few new ideas I’m toying with - sometimes it’s challenging to have an idea before an appropriate project - but if it works out, you’ll all be seeing it soon. Also messing with other colorways for the COURSOS.

And also also lots of progress on the van project! Sewing window coverings, designing the convertible couch/bed & tacking the electrical stuff, all in progress. I’ll try to get some decent photos next week, but as it’s raining today I’m thrilled to report that the roof fan I installed doesn’t leak!


shop: here and etsy. There are a few more COURSO Elements still up on the site & I believe still one Prickly Pear.

Most of my attention this week has been on the Kavanaugh hearings, which has led to, frankly, a super-high level of rage. I feel like I spent 3 full days at a 15. Unfortunately my shop update happened in the middle of all that, and I felt sort of terrible for trying to sell stuff when I, & most everyone I know, was focused on a real gross display of the old problems of America and the new place we’re in, like all at once in the worst way. And a bunch of people unfollowed my Instagram after mentioning it, which… like, what do we do with that, guys? I’m not going to pretend to not be a queer, female, unapologetic liberal in this world, and Bespoke Glass is a one-human show, so that’s who you’re supporting. But you know. Anyway Kavanaugh is a garbage human who def lied about even dumb drinking stuff under oath, and any woman who refused to answer questions and carried on like a belligerent child like he did would have been crucified, unfollow me if you need to.

Relevant: Rebecca Traister on the rage of women.


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Right here on this site

Thursday Sept 27,

1pm est/10am pst

This is what’s going up:

1 unfixtured STRIATTA ROUND

1 unfixtured COURSO ROUND

7 different COURSO Elements



1 set of 3 COLUMN CACTI

1 set of 2 COLUMN CACTI

1 set of 2 BARREL CACTI

Other stuff: this video accurately represents my puppy Yavi, like I can’t even describe HOW accurately.

ALSO make sure you’re registered to vote please & make sure you’re still eligible! I personally know at least 3 people that weren’t able to vote in the primaries bc they’d been removed from the rolls. You can check here!

Sept 24 2018

A little late on this, sorry!

I’ve been working on design details with the millworker & the interior designer on the restaurant project, but I think we’re getting close to starting! Over the past few weeks , I’ve been intermittently making some cacti parts and also playing with some new patterns, one of which is definitely going into the permanent list of pattern offerings, and the other I’m not sure on yet… The first one is called STRIATTA, which is derived from our STRIA pattern, but with triangles. The colorway is something I’ve been experimenting with - using neutral opaque glasses with small bright spots of transparent color. It does involve a LOT of VERY TINY pieces though, which makes it a little pricey, so we’ll see…

The other pattern is called COURSO and it was initially inspired awhile ago by a puzzle toy my mother bought for my dog. Once I had the individual shapes, I’ve been messing around with the sphere shapes & moon(ish) shapes and thinking of a) the million versions I see of the chain of moon phases it seems like every stained glass hobbyist makes, and b) orbits and paths and grooves and trails and gutters and all the different names for a groove made by a round thing on the ground. I was playing with different words and typed COURSO and then saw it written vertically and LOOK BELOW IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE. COURSO will become a window pattern and a series of Elements & I’m pretty excited about it. It utilizes more of my coldworking skills & equipment than most of what I make these days & it’s v satisfying to drill holes in glass all day on occasion.

Courso little.png


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Aside from following all the news all the time, I’m super excited to watch the Emmys tonight, don’t judge, I love tv & I love awards shows and whatever this is a thing I enjoy. I’m rooting real hard for Tatiana Maslany.

Sept 17 2018

Slowly getting the final details on the restaurant project, and have been low-key working on cactus parts in the meantime.

Also finished insulating & covering the walls of the van! My dog Anouk is already way more comfortable traveling in the van than a car, so it’s at least serving as a dog park shuttle. Next major step is tackling the electrical - the stuff I’m least experienced with. Wish me luck!


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mostly this week I listened to:

KJZZ & WNYC as per usz.

My favorite podcasts rn are It's Been a Minute & NPR Politics.  

BlackkKlansman was so good. I was not prepared for the ending & I cried, but still. So good.











Sept 10 2018

Hey hey, this is what's happening right now:

The best thing that happened last week is that I received a freaking lovely set of photos of the partition wall I designed & produced last year for Massilia, a new restaurant in Santa Monica. It's super rare to receive any photos, let alone professional ones, so this was excellent news. You can see the photos and read a little about the project here

Otherwise, still waiting on final dimensions for the other project, which means I'm continuing to accept new projects on a day-to-day basis.  I'm also playing around with some new ideas, and making parts for Cacti, even though it's unlikely I'll have time to finish them before this job starts. But mainly, I'm trying not to have orders stacked up until after this job because it'll be several weeks start-finish of production..

And the van is coming along! I was able to dedicate a bunch of time to it last weekend, and the floors are more or less done, I put in a ton of time on the cedar-paneled ceiling, and I'm working on insulating the walls. Phase 1 of the build almost complete!

Sept 4 2018

HEY hi what's up.  This is what's happening right now:

I'm waiting on final details for a big restaurant project - this one is going to be a quick turnaround, so I need to block out a bunch of time for it... which means I'm assessing how much time I have to take orders day-by-day. In the meantime, etsy & my shop here both have items that are finished for sale, & if I get a sense that there will be more time before this thing gets going, I'll try to make some more cacti. 

Also while I have a little bit of time, I'm kitting out a van for camping! I bought an oldish Ford E250 passenger van, and have, so far, ripped out the interior, insulated the floor & ceiling, and am working on the walls. On Labor Day, I cut a large hole in the roof and installed a vent fan which was v satisfying. This whole project is 90% so we can drive cross country with our 3 dogs in comfort & the rest to see the Southwest before we leave it for somewhere with sweater weather.


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mostly this week I listened to:

WNYC & Rachel Maddow (audio via podcast) to try to understand what the eff is going on rn

I really like this game Samorost 3, but I just don't have the time/patience to really do video games, which led me to find this walkthrough by someone called Lord Levan on youtube. I lived in Prague for a few years & amongst the v long list of what I miss is the way native Czech speakers describe things in English and this whole series is basically that.  I could write a bunch more about that but anyway this makes me extremely happy.  Also the game is lovely & like very not-stressful. 



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