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Stained Glass Elements (almost always) hang from waxed cord, making it possible for them to be hung in a window, on a wall, or any other crazy place you can think of.  You should probably figure out what arrangement you prefer yourself, but here are some guidelines that might be helpful.

Some things you could hang Elements from:

small nails, curtain rods, tree branch, cup hooks, driftwood, brass rod, under side of a shelf


- lay the pieces out on a table and move them around, play with the order and try layering the pieces over each other.  If you see something you like, take a quick photo with your phone or make a quick sketch - seriously, even in the studio we forget that perfect arrangement when we move one piece.  Plus, having a few layouts to look at can make deciding on an arrangement way easier.

- remember all the pieces are hand-cut, and there are many factors in the process of stained glass production that cause slight variations in shape.  If you feel the pieces aren't fitting together perfectly, try swapping pieces around or flipping them over.  We strive for an 'as perfect as possible' level of craftsmanship, but handmade is handmade and there are always variables.

- it might help to number the pieces or otherwise mark them in a way that helps you remember how you want to hang them.  On regular glass, you can use any marker (even a Sharpie will wash off with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol), or you can write on pieces of tape.  Please note - do not write on etched glass, ever - it will not come off.

- before you start hanging, put down a bunched-up towel or blanket on the floor under the area you're hanging in.  If you drop a piece, you'll have way better chances of not cracking it if it falls on something soft.

- when you hang the pieces, start with the longest piece in the center of your design and go from there; if you're layering the pieces, start from the back layer.

- if you're trying to create a pattern out of your elements, it can help to knot the cord as illustrated below - lay the cord across whatever you're hanging it from, and pull the loose end until the element is at the right height.  Then try to knot the unattached part around the part that's hanging straight.  This way, the element will stay in pretty much the same place.


- try to hang the pieces the same way each time in a logical manner - for example, try to tie knots in the same direction.  

- don't trim off the excess cord until all the pieces are in place, and you're sure you're pleased with your work.

- you should really send us a photo, we love that!  studio [at]


These are some ideas!  Basically you line up the middle accent color (Champagne in the below photos).

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