Glass Tile & Stained Glass

We make glass tile & stained glass in Brooklyn, NY & Phoenix AZ

Send us your pattern/colorway selection and dimensions via email: studio <@>

We will email you a color drawing of your pattern with all the dimensions on it for you to approve, along with a price quote.  

Usually, you'll have an option of two different sizes of tile to choose from.  If you'd like extra large or extra small tiles, please note that in your order - there is a minimum and maximum size each tile can be cut to, but we'll do our best to produce it how you'd like.


ordering scale dia.png

Because it can be a bit difficult to envision the actual size of each tile, we'll also email you a scale drawing of both sizes.  If you print this on a normal printer, it'll be about the size of a single tile.  Each piece of tile is hand-cut, so there will always be a little variation, but this gives you an idea of your options. 


ordering scale dia 2.png

Once you email us back approving the drawing, we'll send you information on how to submit a non-refundable 50% deposit.  Because we make everything to fit exactly your specifications, we can't allow any changes once we start producing your pattern. Once the deposit is made, we start cutting!


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