Glass Tile & Stained Glass

We make glass tile & stained glass in Brooklyn, NY & Phoenix AZ

There are four basic elements involved in a tile installation: the surface the tile is installed on, the adhesive (sometimes called mastic) which glues the glass to the surface, the tile itself, and the grout that fills the space between the tiles.

Glass tile is best used in low-impact areas.  Our tile is somewhat breakable, meaning that direct impact of something hard or heavy will inflict damage.  So avoid that.  Can you install glass tile on your floor?  Sure, but it might crack, and if that doesn't bother you, do your thing.  Use your judgement and make sure you're using the right products to install based on your needs.

Also: Be Creative!  You can use a small bit of tile in the right place can make something awesome or weird or beautiful. 

Generally a Good idea!

  • Cabinet doors
  • Accent wall
  • Framed & hung on the wall
  • Door panel
  • Backsplash
  • Small tabletop
  • Windowsill

Generally a Bad idea.

  • Countertop
  • Kitchen table
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Outdoor walkway

Our glass ranges from completely clear to completely opaque, and each has an advantage.  Opaque, mirror, and dark transparent colors will hide the adhesive beneath, for a more uniform appearance.  If a bubble under wallpaper would keep you up at night, stick to the more opaque colors.


*a note about color:

The colors as displayed on this site are the best approximations possible of the exact colors of the glass - however, we cannot control exactly how the color shows up on your computer screen, or convey transparency.  Glassmaking is both a science and an art - there are always slight variations in the actual color.  All the glass we use (aside from mirror and clear reclaim) is Spectrum sheet glass, made in Woodinville, Washington.


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