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We make glass tile & stained glass in Brooklyn, NY & Phoenix AZ

Interior Designers & Custom Projects

SO basically we just wanted to explain some of the reasons that we like to work with interior designers, and some of the design possibilities that we can offer.



Since we make both glass tile and stained glass using the same glass & cutting techniques, there are so many options for cohesive design, or elements that reference each other.  You could have a backsplash and a transom window in the same pattern.  You could have one installed stained glass window and a set of hanging elements of the same pattern in a window opposite.  You could have panels made in the same pattern but different colors, or vice versa.  There's a lot we can do!



We are a small shop, and we like small jobs.  You only have a weird, triangular gap you want to fill with something bright?  We can do that kind of thing.



Because we can alter the scale of any design, we can fit patterns into any dimensions.  This means a few things for you: first, there's no hacked-off shapes unless the space is super wonky; second, no cutting on your end.  We scale everything to fit and lay it out (if tile) or solder it (if stained glass) to fit within your dimensions.  AND most importantly, if there's a strict budget, we can change the scale of a project to bring down the cost.  Meaning, instead of a window of 50 tiny honeycombs, we can change it to 25 larger honeycombs and bring the labor costs way down.  We get design on a budget and we are willing to work it out.



Flexibility.  Many of our clients are renters, or people who just like options.  Several of our products, such as the Elements series, are designed to be removable & rearrangeable.  Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how something will lay out in the space - lots of our work can be made in modular sections and grouped about in the space in the final phases of the project.   


So that's us.  If you have any projects now or later that you think we should be a part of, feel free to get in touch.

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