Glass Tile & Stained Glass

We make glass tile & stained glass in Brooklyn, NY & Phoenix AZ

Thanks for your interest, whatever it may be.  Ours is working with you to customize our designs for your place... this usually takes a little communication, and that's cool with us.  

If you mainly just want to know when the next shop update is, sign up above or check Instagram

General questions about the work, us, or the studio?  studio [ @ ]

Questions about custom orders, commercial or residential projects, and technical questions?  lesley [ a ]  Feel free to attach links from the site to specific photos if you're referring to them.

If you're looking to order Honeycomb Elements, or anything else from the Elements series, do us a solid and look through the Etsy page first - they're usually there.  If you don't see what you're after, let us know here or there... also if you have questions about current Etsy orders, please send us a convo through Etsy so we can keep everything straight.

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