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Color update

I realized it's been a minute since I've updated everyone on the ongoing color availability saga.  Spectrum Glass, which produced all of the super-clear, consistent, and textured glass used by Bespoke - literally the entire palette - first announced it was closing about a year ago.  After months of mourning and hundreds of dollars spent on color samples from other manufacturers, I was absolutely relieved to hear that Spectrum's equipment and catalogue was purchased by Oceanside Glasstile in California, but that they were moving all production to Oceanside's Mexico plant.  Oceanside Spectrum is now up & running, but several colors have been discontinued, and many are out of stock due to this production lag - SO what that means for Bespoke/you, is that not everything is consistently available at the moment.  The good news?  NEW COLORS!  I've added Aquamarine, Straw, and Dark Orange to the roster, and Black Waterglass will be coming just as soon as I can get my hands on it.  The bad news?  Saying goodbye to a few beloveds, in particular both Opaque Champagne and Dark Champagne.  The /colors page has been updated with the new options, as well as updated availability notes, and although they've been removed, I do have some of the following colors in stock: Honey Vecchio, Gray Vecchio and Dark Champagne.

Updates to follow when there's news!

x, l.

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