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You GUYS I was in O Mag

Ok, so anyone who knows me irl at all knows I HATE having my photo taken, and am pretty all-around uncomfortable within yards of a spotlight situation of any type really.  Everyone has their things, I'm weird about too much attention.  It's not accidental that the studio is Bespoke Glass and not Lesley Green Designs or some variation; I never wanted to go out of my way to have to be "the face of my brand" or whatever, I'm even cringing as I type this. These were not things I really expected to be a huge part of my job/life when I started Bespoke.  But then, I started selling here & there at the Brooklyn Flea, which forced me to represent my company, tiny as it was, in person, and even encounter the occasional celebrity from a short distance.  It got a little better, but I still know my strengths and weaknesses, and you're always going to get a better answer from me via email than on the fly.  So when I was contacted by a major mainstream magazine like O... I mean, I couldn't turn it down, but it also scared the craaaaap out of me.  I have to thank Melissa Goldberg for being incredibly patient with me, asking great questions, and not making me feel horrible for long, rambling answers that were maybe not even answers to questions she was actually asking.  I also can't thank enough Madison Kirkman & her assistant James Stewart for the photos they took of me "working" ("we just need some shots of you working in your studio" is basically the most awkward thing you can say to someone like me).  Madison and I had basically met through Etsy, weirdly enough, while she was on an epically insane (my characterization) trip through Central America, which I'd been following on her Instagram account without realizing it was her (she also didn't realize we were living in the same city because I had forgotten to switch my Etsy info after moving).  It was a real comedy of app-era errors.  Anyway, it was an incredible stroke of luck to have just met an incredibly talented and hilarious photographer about ten minutes before needing someone with that exact skill set to pull me through what would have otherwise been a real bummer of an experience for everyone involved.  Madison & James are THE BEST and now we're all friends which is also the best.

Here's the article, and please note that the captions are wrong in the online version - Madison took the nice photo, not the so-so one of my work (that one's all me).

And also check out both Madison & James's work, if you like beautiful photos of amazing places and things.

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