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P o r t l a n d

Any Instagram followers are probably aware that I was in Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago (sorry for blowing up your feeds).  I lived in Portland for 3 years, but hadn't been back in nine (NINE!) years.  The most obvious change?  Portlandia made lots of people aware of the intricacies of Portland Weird.  And... was being filmed across the street from where I was staying.  

I love Portland for all the reasons everyone loves Portland.  And although I've been hearing for years about how much it's changed, really, most of the things I loved were still there.  I lived in SE, and I'm resisting the urge to throw in a Brooklyn analog, but it seems that the major changes in the city have happened in North and NE... the whole Mississippi & Alberta neighborhoods have changed so, so much.  The cool definitely moved North. But selfishly, I'm so happy that the things I remembered were still around my old neighborhood(s).


We drove out to Multnomah Falls, which I somehow had never been to, and stopped at this lookout on the way. 

And Cannon Beach, still an amazing sight for this East-Coaster. 

One thing that's great about Portland is the signage.  Great neon (I was taught by the great Fred Tschida to appreciate the insane process that is neon production), and a generally more... western? aesthetic than we see often in New York.

My friend MacKenzie & I were invited to a party at ADX (which is a 3rd Ward-esque type studio workspace/membership situation, and a really excellent space) for the SHE SHREDS launch party.  SO FUN.

AND, I got to meet the excellent Andrea of Salty & Sweet Design!  Or re-meet... turns out we'd been instagram friends for awhile, and didn't realize we'd hung out together two nights in a row.  The world, it's tiny sometimes.  

I also got to catch up with my old college buddy, the studio potter & podcaster Brian Jones.  If his name is familiar, it might be because he's the official Marc Maron WTF mug maker.  Which: awesome.   

And he gave me a mug.

Some other random photos: 

And this, because it's great. 

Thanks to LT, for the amazing birthday present(s), and MacKenzie & Ashley, for everything. 

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