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Elements (set of 17)


Elements (set of 17)


The Elements are hand-cut, copper foiled stained glass with a black patina, and *individually* hung on brown waxed linen cord, which is 24" long and unknotted so that you can customize the length.

This product, and all our products, contains lead.

The sizes are as follows (height dimension given):
Large diamonds: 5 1/4"
Large triangles: 2 1/2"
Small diamonds: 2 1/2"
Small triangles: 1 1/2"

This listing is for a set of 17 diamond and triangle shapes in 2 different sizes. The colors pictured are a mix of textured and smooth transparent and opaque glass, including:

  • 'Seedy' Clear (small bubbles in glass, smooth)

  • Dark Plum (transparent, wavy texture)

  • Firelight White (translucent, heavy texture)

  • Straw (transparent, "rough rolled" texture)

  • Champagne (transparent, wavy texture)

  • Opaque Champagne (opaque, smooth texture)

  • Gray (transparent, wavy texture).

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