Glass Tile & Stained Glass

We make glass tile & stained glass in Brooklyn, NY & Phoenix AZ

Bespoke Glass is a studio-based business founded in Brooklyn, NY producing customizable and readymade stained glass & tile. All of our glass is cut by hand, using simple hand tools and a mix of centuries-old techniques and a modern approach.  We approach stained glass differently than most studios, striving to create objects that are about more than the light coming through them.  We try to make things you've never seen before that will fit into your life/space on your terms.

Bespoke Glass is the project of Lesley Green.  Originally from Western New York State, Lesley has a BFA from Alfred University and a MSc in Architectural Conservation from the Edinburgh College of Art, and she has lived & worked in Portland OR, Prague CZ, Edinburgh UK and NY NY.  She currently splits time between Phoenix AZ & Brooklyn NY.

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